Particle FX for DAZ|Studio

Unleash the power of particles in DAZ|Studio. Generate effects such as fire, stars, gunfire,sparks, rocket flames and water sprays. Easy to use effects load with a single click. Make changes and save them as Mat and Pose files or to DAZ|Studio files. Move, rotate, scale and modify the effects using Parameter dials just like any other figure.

Particle FX for DAZ|Studio


††† * Create and animate special effects in DAZ|Studio using a physics based particle system
††† * Flexible - Uses DAZ|Studio scripts and Pose and Mat files to generate effects from a set of building block components
††† * Fast - Uses the compiled ParticleFX plugin to control the particles. Combines the speed of compiled code with the customization possible with scripts.
††† * Easy to use - Effects appear as Figures in the Scene Tab with their controlling dials visible in the Parameters Tab. Modify the particles materials in the Surfaces Tab as you would any other figure
††† * Flames, clouds, smoke, fog, rain and other effects using square or triangular Sprites
††† * More complex effects using volume shapes
††† * Where applicable, Poses to make the effect ready for animation or an image
††† * Modify the effects and save them as Pose and Mat files or as DAZ|Studio files.
††† * Effects can be scaled, rotated and translated just like any other figure.
††† * Particles makes use of a set of building block components. These include:
††††††††† o Basic Domain - provides global, point, plane, square, circle, cone and cylindrical volumes for particle placement or effect limiting.
††††††††† o Randomizers - provides randomization using either fixed, uniform or normal (bell curve) statistics. User can control the range and variation.
††††††††† o Gravity - make the particles fall to the ground or appear to be blown by a wind.
††††††††† o Nozzle Direction - acts like a nozzle for spraying particles or providing non-uniform force effects
††††††††† o Set Position, Scale, Rotation and Velocity. Also set the Lifetime and Mass.
††††††††† o Use the Set Basic Shape to give the particle a sprite, sphere, cone or cylindrical shape or or select a scene object. using the Set Scene Shape
††††††††† o Collide Particles with a Basic Domain using the Bounce Operator.
††††††††† o The Kill operator will eliminate particles based on selected attributes.
††††††††† o The Color Gradient Operator allows you to effectively animate the textures and colors of a particle or map their appearance to a particle parameter such as age or speed.
††† * Any particle system you make can be altered at the click of a button, making it easy to go back in and make changes to get just the right look.
††† * Full support for DAZ|Studio Undo.
††† * Changes to an effect can be saved into Pose and Mat files that are freely shareable and useable by anyone with the plugin.
††† * Full support of DAZ|Studio materials.
††† * Help is available in DAZ|Studio HTML format useable in your internet browser.
††† * The Particles system has growth for future effects expansion via add-on plugins, scripts and supporting content.
††† * Available for Windows only.
††† * Particle FX Comes with Five Effects:
††††††††† o Dragon Fire
††††††††††††††† + Two effects for different Dragon Fires
††††††††† o Gunfire
††††††††††††††† + Brass Eject - throws casings from a gun into the air and collides them with the ground
††††††††††††††† + Muzzle Blast - gunsmoke from the muzzle
††††††††††††††† + Muzzle Flare - a dramatic bright flare
††††††††††††††† + Brass Laydown - a pool of brass on the floor
††††††††††††††† + Sparks - use them to liven up the muzzle effects or for bullet impacts on a surface
††††††††† o Rocket
††††††††††††††† + A Rocket Flame effect for spaceships and other vehicles or for other fire effects
††††††††††††††† + Five Poses and Seven Mat files can be combined to make a wide range of effects from large flames to diffuse blue glows.
††††††††††††††† + Change the dials to make even more effects.
††††††††† o Shower
††††††††††††††† + A shower spray effect with collision on the shower stall walls.
††††††††††††††† + A second effect with additional Bounce operators for colliding the spray with a figure.
††††††††† o Simple Fires
††††††††††††††† + Two quick and fast fire effects for background fires in environments or rooms.
††††††††† o Stars
††††††††††††††† + Starfield - a dome or backdrop of stars, multiple Mat files for different looks
††††††††††††††† + MilkyWay - a band of clouds and stars. Two different versions.
††††††††††††††† + Ring Nebula - a three part ring shaped cloud, good for portal effects too.
††††††††††††††† + Globular Cluster - a tight cluster of stars


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