Modern Architecture (Oxford History of Art)
Modern Architecture (Oxford History of Art)
Oxford University Press | 2002 | ISBN: 0192842269 | English | 288 pages | PDF | 26.9 MB

Colquhoun, an eminent scholar in the field of architecture, offers here a new account of international modernism that explores the complex motivations behind this revolutionary movement and assesses its triumphs and failures. The book focuses on the work of the main architects of the movement such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Adolf Loos, Le Corbusier, and Mies van der Rohe, re-examining their work and shedding new light on their roles as acknowledged masters. The author presents a fascinating analysis of architecture with regard to politics, technology, and ideology, all while offering clear descriptions of the key elements of the Modern movement. Colquhoun shows clearly the evolution of the movement from Art Nouveau in the 1890s to the mega-structures of the 1960s, revealing the often-contradictory demands of form, function, social engagement, modernity and tradition.

Mark Garcia, "Future Details of Architecture"
2014 | ISBN-10: 1118522532 | 144 pages | PDF | 24 MB

The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture (Writing Architecture) by Pier Vittorio Aureli
English | 2011 | ISBN-10: 0262515792 | PDF | 272 pages | 7,7 MB

In The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture. Pier Vittorio Aureli proposes that a sharpened formal consciousness in architecture is a precondition for political, cultural, and social engagement with the city. Aureli uses the term absolute not in the conventional sense of "pure," but to denote something that is resolutely itself after being separated from its other.

The Alphabet and the Algorithm (Writing Architecture) by Mario Carpo
English | 2011 | ISBN-10: 0262515806 | PDF | 184 pages | 4,3 MB

Digital technologies have changed architecture--the way it is taught, practiced, managed, and regulated. But if the digital has created a "paradigm shift" for architecture, which paradigm is shifting? In The Alphabet and the Algorithm, Mario Carpo points to one key practice of modernity: the making of identical copies.
Julie Decker, "Modern North: Architecture on the Frozen Edge"
ISBN: 1568988990 | 2010 | PDF | 240 pages | 18 MB

Roberto T. Leon, Gian Andrea Rassati, "Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete VI"
2011 | ISBN-10: 0784411425 | 800 pages | PDF | 53 MB
Autodesk Revit: Räume und Flächen Erstellen, bearbeiten, beschriften, ausarbeiten | 470 MB
Duration : 1 Std. 30 min | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 25fps | Audio: AAC 44.1KHz 1ch
Genre: eLearning | Ihr(e) Trainer: Robert Prominzer | 21.07.2014

Lernen Sie in diesem Video-Training, wie Sie in Autodesk Revit mit Räumen und Flächen arbeiten. Anwendern mit grundlegenden Revit-Kenntnissen zeigt Robert Prominzer, wie Sie Räume platzieren und Flächen anlegen. Sie erfahren, wie Sie diese Elemente mit den notwendigen und ggf. auch eigenen Eigenschaften versehen. Anschließend erfahren Sie, wie Sie diese Eigenschaften in Plänen, Beschriftungen und Bauteillisten sowohl grafisch wie auch in Listen darstellen bzw. auslesen können.

Mark Garcia, "Future Details of Architecture"
2014 | ISBN-10: 1118522532 | 144 pages | PDF | 24 MB
Julie Decker, "Modern North: Architecture on the Frozen Edge"
ISBN: 1568988990 | 2010 | PDF | 240 pages | 18 MB
100 Houses for 100 European Architects of the 20th Century
English | PDF | Large Books Collection | 363 MB
Genre: Architecture

A Portfolio of Unique Deck Ideas by Editors of Creative Publishing
English | 1996 | ISBN-10: 0865739749 | 96 pages | PDF | 15,8 MB

Whether it's used for socializing, recreation, or relaxation, a deck is a wonderful addition to a home. This new book, a companion to the top-selling A Portfolio of Deck Ideas, helps readers extend their living space into their yards with a single-level or multi-level deck. Includes more than 150 color photos illustrating ideas from designers and manufacturers.

Sylvia J.T. Jansen, Henny C.C.H. Coolen and Roland W. Goetgeluk, "The Measurement and Analysis of Housing Preference and Choice"
S in er | 2011 | ISBN: 9048188938 | 278 pages | PDF | 4 MB
Sophia Psarra - Architecture and Narrative: The Formation of Space and Cultural Meaning
Published: 2009-03-12 | ISBN: 0415343755, 0415343763 | PDF | 304 pages | 3 MB

Haig Gulvanessian, Jean-Armand Calgaro, "Designers' Guide to Eurocode 0: Basis of Structural Design, 2nd edition "
2012 | ISBN-10: 0727741713 | 248 pages | PDF | 4 MB
Amy E. Slaton - Reinforced Concrete and the Modernization of American Building, 1900-1930
Published: 2001-05-23 | ISBN: 080186559X | PDF | 272 pages | 12 MB