Sacred Buildings (Design Manuals) By Rudolf Stegers
Publisher: Birkhäuser Architecture 2004 | 247 Pages | ISBN: 3764366834 | PDF | 149 MB

Francis D. K. Ching, "Building Construction Illustrated, 5th Edition"
ISBN: 1118458346 | 2014 | PDF | 480 pages | 39 MB

The classic visual guide to the basics of building construction, now with a 3D digital building model for interactive learning
For over three decades, Building Construction Illustrated has offered an outstanding introduction to the principles of building construction. This new edition of the revered classic remains as relevant as ever, providing the latest information in Francis D.K. Ching's signature style. Its rich and comprehensive approach clearly presents all of the basic concepts underlying building construction.

Spon's Architects' and Builders' Price Book 2015 by AECOM
English | 2014 | ISBN: 1482255251 | 824 pages | PDF | 4 MB

Recovery in construction is still on track. Business confidence is increasing - but still not yet secure.
Following the 18% fall in tender prices between 2008 and 2013, price levels are beginning to recover some lost ground, particularly in the residential sector and with London based projects.

Earthen Architecture: Past, Present and Future by C. Mileto, F. Vegas, L. García Soriano and V. Cristini
English | 2014 | ISBN: 1138027111 | 390 pages | PDF | 54,2 MB

Earthen architecture is widespread all over the world and demonstrates a significant richness of varieties both in application and in materials used. This book discusses and debates the lessons that can be learned from earthen architecture to create sustainable architecture today, both for the conservation of traditional existing buildings and the design and construction of new ones.

House: Black Swan Theory by Steven Holl and Michael Bell
English | 2007 | ISBN: 1568985878 | 176 pages | PDF | 14 MB

In 1989, Princeton Architectural Press published Anchoring, the first book on the work of the then up-and-coming architect Steven Holl. Since then, Holl has become one of the most famous and highly regarded architects in the world through his award-winning residential and institutional work; his teaching, writings, and drawings; and his persistent vision of an architecture that takes into consideration its place, time, and all the senses of the viewer.

Artificial Light: A Narrative Inquiry into the Nature of Abstraction, Immediacy, and Other Architectural Fictions by Keith Mitnick
English | 2008 | ISBN: 1568987498 | 152 pages | PDF | 1,5 MB

Author Keith Mitnick's first glimpse of an architectural drawing came through the underside of a glass kitchen table.Overcome by the sight of blueprints created for an addition to the family's tract house, the young boy spontaneously vomited on his father's shoes.

Marmol Radziner + Associates: Between Architecture and Construction by Leo Marmol, Ron Radziner, Karen Weise and Paul Goldberger
English | 2008 | ISBN: 1568987447 | 176 pages | PDF | 12,6 MB

If you design some of the most stylish and beautiful modern houses in the Los Angeles area, including many for celebrityclients, how do you ensure that the projects are built to the standards you, and your patrons, demand?

Brian Mackay-Lyons, "Ghost: The Acadian Design and Building Event"
English | ISBN: 1568987366 | 2008 | 192 pages | PDF | 6 MB

Jari Jetsonen and Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen, "Finnish Summer Houses"
English | ISBN: 1568987528 | 2008 | 192 pages | PDF | 21 MB

Harvey H. Kaiser, "The National Park Architecture Sourcebook"
English | ISBN: 1568987420 | 2008 | 608 pages | PDF | 17 MB

VJAA: Vincent James Associates Architects by Vincent James and Jennifer Yoos
English | 2006 | ISBN: 1568985886 | 208 pages | PDF | 48,5 MB

Among the critical adulation that follows VJAA wherever they build, you'll find words like graceful, beautiful, sublime, quiet, classic, disciplined, and lightall suggesting the kind of alchemy that makes the work of this Minnesota-based firm so highly regarded.

Todd Gannon, "Eisenman Architects"
English | ISBN: 156898720X | 2008 | 160 pages | PDF | 31 MB

Kiel Moe, "Integrated Design in Contemporary Architecture"
English | ISBN: 1568987455 | 2008 | 210 pages | PDF | 54 MB

Cynthia R. Field, Isabelle Gournay and Thomas P. Somma, "Paris on the Potomac: The French Influence on the Architecture and Art of Washington, D.C."
English | ISBN: 0821417606, 0821417592 | 2008 | 208 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Architectural League of New York, "Young Architects 9: Proof"
English | ISBN: 1568987439 | 2008 | 176 pages | PDF | 35 MB