Rudy De Reyna, "How to Draw What You See, 35th Anniversary Edition"
English | 1996 | ISBN: 0823023753 | 178 pages | epub, mobi | 37 MB
Daniel Greene - The Color Method | 746 MB
1h 18m | Video: AVC (.avi) 416x320 30fps | Audio: AAC 32KHz 1ch
Genre: eLearning

Daniel E. Greene, N.A. is a former instructor of painting at the National Academy of Design and the Art Students League of New York. He is the author of "Pastel" that was in print for 25 years and "The Art of Pastel," which were published in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. In 1969, Mr. Greene was elected to the National Academy of Design.

Christopher Hart, "How to Draw Comic Book Heroes and Villains"
English | 1995 | ISBN: 0823022455 | 144 pages | PDF | 19,8 MB

"Portrait Drawing" by Blake
1981 | ISBN: 0823040941 | Pages: 81 | English | PDF | 54 MB

Designing for Re-Use: The Life of Consumer Packaging by Tom Fisher, Janet Shipton
English | 2010-01 | 196 Pages | ISBN: 1844074889 | PDF | 10,7 MB

Packaging is ephemeral-its purpose is to be wasted once we've removed the product it contains. While we are encouraged to reduce, recycle and re-use, Designing for Re-Use proposes that domestic re-use is the Cinderella of this trinity, because it is under-researched and little understood.

Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans by Dan Becker and Lance Wilson
English | 2011 | PDF | ISBN: 0811875415 | 353 pages | 152 Mb

Ever crack open a can of Chief Oshkosh of Wisconsin, or sample Pabst's Big Cat Malt Liquor? Remember the original St. Pauli Girl, Tennent's bevy of lager lovelies, or Olde Frothingslosh ("the pale stale ale with the foam on the bottom")?

Field Guide: How to be a Graphic Designer by Ana Labudovic and Nenad Vukusic
English | 2009 | PDF | ISBN: 1592534902 | 191 pages | 100 Mb

This is the first and most complete handbook for the aspiring graphic designer. Fully illustrated with both contemporary and historical references, this book provides up and coming designers with all the practical insight they need to make it in the world of graphic design.
Creating Sprite Sheets in Flash for Edge Animate | 420 MB
1h 29m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 30fps | Audio: AAC 32KHz 1ch
Genre: eLearning | Flash CC 2014, Edge Animate CC 2014 | Project Files Included | September 17, 2014

In this series of tutorials, we'll be creating an animation in Flash and generating a spritesheet for use in Edge Animate.We will start by referencing our loose sketches we made of a pterodactyl flying. We'll bring our sketches into Flash and begin using the great drawing tools to create the line work for our animation. We'll then add color to our project using the brush and paint bucket to easily fill unpainted areas. We'll finish by generating a sprite sheet from Flash and then import it into Edge Animate to create a scene we can view on the web.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Drawing by Lauren Jarrett, Lisa Lenard
English | 2000 | ISBN: 0028639367 | 383 pages | PDF | 16 MB

You will learn to unlock the artist within you so you too can draw and express yourself!! This book will show you how to use different basic mediums, such as pencils, charcoal, pen and ink. It will also teach you different types of drawing such as line, cartoon, figure, perspective and technical drawing. The book will include using shading, light, dimension, energy and mood techniques. Blank pages are included to serve as practice pages.

Margo Chase, Rian Hughes, Ron Miriello, "Really Good Logos Explained: Top Design Professionals Critique 500 Logos and Explain What Makes Them Work"
2011 | ISBN: 1592534279 | 291 pages | PDF | 101 MB

MINE, "Letterhead & Logo Design 9"
2007 | ISBN: 1592533892 | 241 pages | PDF | 101 MB

Bill Gardner, Catharine Fishel, "LogoLounge: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers"
2011 | ISBN: 1592530877 | 192 pages | PDF | 101 MB

Letterhead and Logo Design 11 by Design Army
English | 2009 | PDF | ISBN: 1592535348 | 244 pages | 100 Mb

Design Army, based in Washington, D.C., has collected and curated this latest collection of stunning letterheads and logos. Known for their streamlined design style, Design Army selected a stunning collection for this bestselling Letterhead and Logo series. Letterhead and Logo Design 11 is an invaluable resource containing hundreds of inspirational logos and letterheads designers will refer to again and again.

Letterhead and Logo Design 12 (Letterhead & Logo Design) by Oxide Design Co.
English | 2011 | PDF | ISBN: 1592537170 | 240 pages | 100 Mb

Oxide Design, Co. has collected and curated this latest collection of stunning letterheads and logos. From logos to labels, business cards to envelopes, the creative techniques and full-color images portrayed in this broad range of work inspires new design solutions for age-old challenges that beg for a fresh approach.

Cool Cars / Cartooning: Learn the Art of Cartooning, Step by Step (How to Draw & Paint Series: Cartooning) by Jack Keely
English | 2011 | PDF | ISBN: 1600580645 | 34 pages | 26 Mb

Learn to draw muscle cars, street rods, customs, super cars, classics, and more!
In this entertaining 32-page book, popular illustrator Jack Keely shows aspiring cartoonists how to draw a variety of cool cars-from classic beauties to custom roadsters.