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Alf Yarwoods best-selling text provides a comprehensive, step-by-step introduction to the latest release of AutoCAD. It covers all the requirements of City and Guilds courses in Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Engineering and the drawing modules in BTEC Higher and National Higher Engineering. After beginning with the basic principles and an introduction to 2D technical drawing, he continues with extensive coverage of all 3D topics such as 3D solid modelling and rendering, taking into account all the new features of the 2011 AutoCAD software. The full-colour, clear presentation makes this the best choice for all beginning students of AutoCAD.

Know All About Jewelry Making, Jewelry Designing and Metal Working
Olen Sampson, Ariel Needham | 2012 | True PDF | ISBN: 8132303466 | 116 pages | 4 Mb

The objective of this book is to provide sufficient knowledge to know all about Jewelry Making, Jewelry Designing and Metal Working.

Character Animation: 2D Skills for Better 3D by Steve Roberts
Focal Press | March 08 2007 | ISBN: 0240520548 | Pages: 304 | PDF | 12.38 MB

Improve your character animation with a mastery of traditional principles and processes including weight and balance, timing, walks, birds, fish, snakes, four legged animals, acting and lip-synch. Traditional animation skills and techniques are presented in both 2D and 3D space. The companion CD features demonstration animations and exercises conducted in each of the major animation packages including 3ds Max, LightWave, Maya, and XSI Softimage.

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Geoff Scott, Jeffrey Tranberry | 2012 | PDF | ISBN: 0240820835 | 337 pages | 100 Mb

This is a must for the serious Photoshop user! Power, Speed & Automation explores how to customize and automate Photoshop to increase your speed and productivity. With numerous step-by-step instructions, the authors-two of Adobe's own software developers!- walk you through the steps to best tailor Photoshop's interface to your personal workflow; write and apply Actions; and use batching and scripts to process large numbers of images quickly and automatically. You will learn how to build your own dialogs and panels to improve your production workflows in Photoshop, the secrets of changing keyboard shortcuts and menus, and ways to tune your system for optimal performance. Writing new processes using javascript is also covered, as well as leveraging Variables with data sets. Learn how to get more work done? more easily and quickly? with this essential guide!