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LRTemplate | 2 MB

The Complete Vienna (Batsford Chess Library) by Mikhail Tseitlin
Henry Holt & Co | April 1995 | English | ISBN: 0805039090 | 127 pages | PDF | 17 MB

A detailed guide to playing the Vienna, providing an analysis of Black's defensive and counter-attacking schemes. This should be of interest to all chess enthusiasts.

Anti-Sicilians - A Guide for Black by Dorian Rogozenko
Gambit Publications | October 30, 2005 | English | ISBN: 1901983846 | 194 pages | PDF | 16 MB

The Sicilian is far and away the most popular chess opening, and many players prefer to side-step the Open Sicilian with one of the Anti-Sicilian systems at White's disposal. This book equips Black to fight against all these lines. The Anti-Sicilian systems include: positionally motivated lines such as the 2 c3 Sicilian and the 3 Bb5 systems; slow but tricky attacking lines including the Closed Sicilian and the King's Indian Attack; aggressive but loosening ideas like the Grand Prix Attack and a variety of gambits.

Vasily Smyslov: Endgame Virtuoso by Vasily Smyslov
Everyman Chess; 1st edition | June 1, 1997 | English | ISBN: 1857441982 | 176 pages | PDF | 21 MB

Mastering the Chess Openings, volume 3 by John Watson
Gambit Publications | November 4, 2008 | English | ISBN: 1904600980 | 353 pages | PDF | 20 MB

For many chess-players, opening study is sheer hard work. It is difficult to know what is important and what is not, and when specific knowledge is vital, or when a more general understanding is sufficient. Tragically often, once the opening is over, a player won't know what plan to follow, or even understand why his pieces are on the squares on which they sit.

Sämisch King's Indian Uncovered (Everyman Chess) by Alexander Cherniaev
Everyman Chess; 1st edition | February 12, 2008 | English | ISBN: 1857445406 | 176 pages | PDF | 28 MB

The Sämisch King's Indian continues to be one of the fiercely contested openings in chess. In this book, opening expert John-Paul Wallace presents an up-to-date study of the Sämisch and its many offshoots. Using illustrative games, he looks at the traditi

Defensa Caro-Kann by E. Varnusz
EDICIONES MARTINEZ ROCA, S.A. | 2000 | Spanish | ISBN: 8427014023 | 213 pages | PDF | 13 MB

Chess Explained: The French by Viacheslav Eingorn
Gambit Publications | 2008 | English | ISBN: 1904600956 | 129 pages | PDF | 15 MB

Chess Explained books provide an understanding of an opening and the middlegames to which it leads, enabling you to find the right moves and plans in your own games. It is as if you were sitting at the board with a chess coach answering your questions about the plans for both sides, the ideas behind particular moves, and what specific knowledge you need to have.

Play the Evans Gambit by Everyman Chess
Everyman Chess; 2nd edition | April 1, 1997 | English | ISBN: 1857441192 | 239 pages | DJVU | 13 MB

A revised edition of a chess title, last published in 1976, which provides coverage of the opening move known as the Evans Gambit, which Garry Kasparov used in 1995 to defeat Anand and Piket.

Win with the London System by Sverre Johnsen
Gambit Publications | September 15, 2005 | English | ISBN: 1904600352 | 178 pages | PDF | 15 MB

The London System is a perennial favourite of club players, as it is a very sound and solid system with a real practical sting. The authors of this new book seek to maximize this sting in two principal ways. Firstly, by explaining in detail the typical plans for White, they help readers to make the most of their chances, whether they are based on a kingside attack, queenside penetration, central play, or transition to a favourable endgame.

LABERINTO SICILIANO 1 by Lev Polugaievsky
Publisher: Lev Polugaievsky | ISBN: 8487301797 | edition 1993 | PDF | 235 pages | 18 mb

The Chigorin Defense by Schachverlag Kania
Schachverlag Kania | 2005 | English | ISBN: 3931192288 | 337 pages | PDF | 17 MB

He not only makes a popular chess opening more accessible, but also helps you to develop a dynamic playing style.

Petroff's Defence by Gyozo Forintos
B T Batsford Ltd; 1st edition | September 1982 | English | ISBN: 0713432020 | 257 pages | PDF | 9 MB

This is a completely revised and rewritten edition of the 1983 book by the same authors. Since the earlier edition the Petroff has been enriched by the introduction of many new tactical variations, often involving castling on opposite sides, which make it an ideal weapon for the counter-attacking player. All the important variations are covered in depth with many new suggestions and improvements by the two authors, but there are still many unexplored areas for those with adventurous ideas.

Testbuch der Endspieltechnik. by Pit Schulenburg
Beyer, Joachim | April 30, 2003 | German | ISBN: 3888051010 | 85 pages | PDF | 10 MB

Warhammer: Ancient Battles- Wargames in the Ancient World by Rick Priestley
Games Workshop | December 1992 | English | ISBN: 1872372538 | 144 pages | PDF | 33 MB

Complete rules for fighting tabletop battles. Eight different wargames scenarios. Painting and collecting a Wargames Army. Rules for fighitng campaigns. Army lists for Romans and Barbarians. Comprehensively illustrated with artwork and photographs.