Strategic Chess: Mastering the Closed Game (Dover Chess) by Edmar Mednis
Dover Publications | December 23, 1998 | English | ISBN: 0486406172 | 250 pages | PDF | 17 MB

Insightful manual by noted grandmaster offers detailed insights into the real significance of the opening. 30 games are analyzed between such masters as Petrosian and Korchnoi, Karpov and Kasparov, Gligoric and Kaplan, and more, showing how strategic themes of the opening are carried through all applicable phases of the game. Intermediate-level.

New Ideas in the Four Knights (Batsford Chess Library) by John Nunn
Henry Holt & Co | 1993 | English | ISBN: 0805026290 | 130 pages | PDF | 13 MB

Traditionally regarded as a solid, but rather dull opening, the Four Knights has recently been completely transformed by the games of Nigel Short, Murray Chandler and John Nunn. Grandmaster John Nunn looks at this newly revitalized and effective winning weapon and presents his selection of the most theoretically important games. John Nunn is one of the co-winners of the British Chess Federation's Book of the Year Award for "Secrets of Grandmaster Play".

The Wisest Things Ever Said About Chess (Batsford Chess Books) by Andrew Soltis
Batsford | October 7, 2008 | English | ISBN: 1906388008 | 308 pages | PDF | 19 MB

As a professional journalist and popular chess author, International Master Andrew Soltis is perhaps the best qualified to collect and edit this treasury of chess wisdom through the ages. With quotations running the gamut from timeless irony

How Fischer Plays Chess by D.N.L. Levy
RHM Press | June 9, 1975 | English | ISBN: 0004105885 | 160 pages | PDF | 13 MB

A study and analysis of the games of Bobby Fischer, the greatest chess player the world has ever known
Peter Zackariasson, "The Video Game Industry: Formation, Present State, and Future"

English | ISBN: 0415896525 | 2012 | 282 pages | PDF | 2 MB

The Video Game Industry provides a platform for the research on the video game industry to draw a coherent and informative picture of this industry. Previously this has been done sparsely through conference papers, research articles, and popular science books. Although the study of this industry is still stigmatized as frivolous and 'only' game oriented, those who grew up with video games are changing things, especially research agendas, the acceptance of studies, and their interpretation.
William Irwin, Jason P. Blahuta, Michel S. Beaulieu, "Final Fantasy and Philosophy: The Ultimate Walkthrough"

Publisher: W.l.y | ASIN: B002QHATOC | 2009 | EPUB/MOBI | 233 pages | 342 KB
Tom Chatfield, "Fun Inc.: Why Gaming Will Dominate the Twenty-First Century"

Publisher: | ISBN: 1605982695 | 2011 | EPUB | 272 pages | 282 KB
Jon Peterson, "Playing at the World"

ISBN: 0615642047 | 2012 | EPUB | 720 pages | 6 MB

Secrets of Grandmaster Play (Macmillan Chess Library) by John Nunn
Collier Books; Collier Books ed edition | December 1987 | English | ISBN: 0020531303 | 223 pages | PDF | 10 MB

This collection of John Nunn's games contains useful advice on calculation and logic which should spill over into the reader's own games. John Nunn is a Grandmaster and author of several books on chess. Pter Griffiths is an experienced chess teacher and the author of "Exploring the Endgame".

Vishy Anand: My Best Games of Chess (Gambit chess) by Vishy Anand
Bhb Distribution | June 1, 1998 | English | ISBN: 1901983005 | 242 pages | PDF | 20 MB

Vishy Anand is the strongest chess player ever to come from India, and is currently rated number two in the world, with Kasparov in his sights. His friendly, unpretentious personality makes him extremely popular with chess players around the world. In this, his first book, he presents detailed and entertaining commentaries to forty of his best games.

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Vector EPS, AI Illustrator | 48.5 Mb

Beating the French by Gary Lane
Batsford Ltd | January 1, 1997 | English | ISBN: 0713473908 | 155 pages | PDF | 11 MB

The French Defence is a perennial favourite with players of all temperaments. Gary Lane has had a great deal of experience of meeting the French in both national and international competitions, and in this book he examines his play and recommends a clear repertoire for beating the French, whether Black opts for a solid or active approach.

Understanding Pawn Play in Chess by Drazen Marovic
Gambit Publications | October 1, 2000 | English | ISBN: 1901983315 | 210 pages | PDF | 10 MB

Chess owes its extraordinary strategic depth to pawns. These humble pieces can take on many roles in the chess struggle. They can be blockers, battering rams, self-sacrificing heroes, and can even be promoted to the ranks of royalty. On the other hand, if mishandled, they can be weak and provide targets for enemy attack. In this book, experienced grandmaster and trainer Drazen Marovic elucidates the pawn's multi-faceted nature. By investigating high-quality games from grandmaster practice, he provides the reader with an armoury of pawn-play concepts that will help him or her to make the right judgments at the board.

The Nintendo Wii Pocket Guide by Bart G. Farkas
Peachpit Press; 1 Poc edition | April 10, 2007 | English | ISBN: 0321510119 | 224 pages | PDF | 10 MB

Here is your essential companion to the best-selling Wii game console. The Nintendo Wii Pocket Guide steers you through how to...

Colle, London and Blackmar Diemar Systems (Specialist chess openings) by T. D. Harding
HarperCollins Distribution Services; First Edition | October 25, 1979 | English | ISBN: 0713403691 | 114 pages | PDF | 13 MB