Professional Design Patterns in VB .NET - Building Adaptable Applications
ISBN: 1590592743 | PDF | 368 pages | 19 MB

Professional Design Patterns in VB .NET: Building Adaptable Applications is not merely design pattern theory. No, no. Instead, the authors show design patterns applied to real-world architectural scenarios, so you can witness the patterns in action, reaping benefits along the way!

Git Fundamentals
ISBN: N/A | 2014 | 29 pages | PDF, EPUB, MOBI | 3 MB

Get up to speed with version control using Git today!

Linux All-in-One For Dummies, 5th edition By Emmett Dulaney
2014 | 576 Pages | ISBN: 1118844351 | EPUB, MOBI, PDF | 8 MB + 15 MB + 17 MB

Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success by Greg Nudelman and Pabini Gabriel-Petit
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0470942231 | 368 pages | epub | 17,8 MB

Best practices, practical advice, and design ideas for successful ecommerce search.
A glaring gap has existed in the market for a resource that offers a comprehensive, actionable design patterns and design strategies for ecommerce search-but no longer.

Real-Time Analytics: Techniques to Analyze and Visualize Streaming Data By Byron Ellis
2014 | 432 Pages | ISBN: 1118837916 | EPUB + MOBI | 3 MB + 6 MB

On the Way to Fun: An Emotion-Based Approach to Successful Game Design by Roberto Dillon
English | 2010 | ISBN-10: 1568815824 | PDF | 200 pages | 2,5 MB

In On the Way to Fun Roberto Dillon provides game designers with a useful tool to understand how to craft an immersive gameplay by engaging players emotionally to deliver an exciting and fun experience.

Understanding SCA
by Jim Marino, Michael Rowley
English | 2009 | ISBN: 0321515080 | 360 pages | PDF | 1.32 MB

Developing Large Web Applications: Producing Code That Can Grow and Thrive
by Kyle Loudon
English | 2010 | ISBN: 0596803028 | 304 pages | PDF | 1.92 MB

Market-Oriented Grid and Utility Computing
by Rajkumar Buyya, Kris Bubendorfer
English | 2009 | ISBN: 0470287683 | 643 pages | PDF | 6.31 MB

UNIX: The Complete Reference 2nd Edition by Kenneth Rosen
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media | Dec 19 2006 | ISBN: 0072263369 | Pages: 912 | CHM | 12.46 MB

Get cutting-edge coverage of the newest releases of UNIX--including Solaris 10, all Linux distributions, HP-UX, AIX, and FreeBSD--from this thoroughly revised, one-stop resource for users at all experience levels. Written by UNIX experts with many years of experience starting with Bell Laboratories, UNIX: The Complete Reference, Second Edition provides step-by-step instructions on how to use UNIX and take advantage of its powerful tools and utilities. Get up-and-running on UNIX quickly, use the command shell and desktop, and access the Internet and e-mail.

Fundamentals of Audio and Video Programming for Games by Peter Turcan
Microsoft Press | Nov 12 2003 | ISBN: 073561945x | Pages: 400 | CHM | 17.67 MB

Deliver console-rocking sound, music, and video effects to your games with this all-in-one toolkit for C++ game programmers. Load the CDand experience Microsofts Digital Media developers at play, learning how to use Microsoft DirectX 9 technologies to produce amazing, professional-quality effects. From mixing and moving sounds around a 3-D space to taking video to the third dimension, you get expert insights and performance tips direct from the developers, along with a game-ready arsenal of code, copyright-free audio and video, and ready-to-use effects on CD.

Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours by Michael Morrison
Sams Publishing | Jan 03 2003 | ISBN: 067232461x | Pages: 512 | CHM | 3.02 MB

Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours demystifies game programming by providing clear, practical lessons using C/C++, the industry standard in game programming. The book focuses on the Windows API to construct games for the Windows platform and discusses game theory, including double-buffered graphics, sprite animation, and digitized sound effects and music. A fully functional game engine provides readers with the ability to create their own future games.

Programming Perl by Randal L. Schwartz
O'Reilly Media | Jan 08 1991 | ISBN: 0937175641 | Pages: 482 | PDF | 4.31 MB

This is the authoritative guide to the hottest new UNIX utility in years, coauthored by its creator, Larry Wall. Perl is a language for easily manipulating text, files, and processes. Perl provides a more concise and readable way to do many jobs that were formerly accomplished (with difficulty) by programming in the C language or one of the shells.

ASP .NET Bible by Mridula Parihar
Wiley | Mar 15 2002 | ISBN: 0764548166 | Pages: 888 | PDF | 7.29 MB

Completely revamped for the .NET Platform, ASP.NET is an indispensable tool for creating the next generation of Web applications and Web Services. This comprehensive resource gives you in-depth guidance for building dynamic, data-driven applications tailored to any browser or device. Whether you're a seasoned ASP developer or a Web development newcomer, you'll find the real-world techniques and insights you need to take ASP.NET programming to the next level.

Java How to Program 4th Edition by H.M. Deitel
Prentice Hall | Aug 08 2001 | ISBN: 0130341517 | Pages: 1546 | PDF | 13.52 MB

An introduction to the Java 2 Platform, Standard edition, using the author's LIVE-CODE training methods. Covers data structures/collections, exceptions, multithreading, files, streams, serialization, and more. Provides screen captures and Internet resources. Includes accompanying CD-ROM.