Google SEO Secrets How to Get a Top Ranking With Search Engine Optimization the Complete Guide by Dan Sisson

Published by Blue Moose Webworks 2006 | 105 Pages | ISBN 0972858806 | PDF | 1 MB

You know the importance today of having a website that is ranked highly in the search engines. If you are not in the top 20 for your category, it is unlikely you will get much traffic from any search engine. A number of people never go past the first page in a search result. As such, a top 10 ranking is needed to bring lots of visitors to your site.
Sustainable Web Ecosystem Design By Greg O’Toole

2013 | 121 Pages | ISBN: 1461477131 | PDF | 5 MB
Sams Teach Yourself WordPress 3 in 10 Minutes by Chuck Tomasi and Kreg Steppe

English | 2010-12-13 | ISBN: 0672335468 | PDF | 231 pages | 6,7 MB

Sams Teach Yourself WordPress in 10 Minutes gives you straightforward, practical answers when you need fast results. By working through its 10-minute lessons, you'll learn everything you need to build great blogs with WordPress and, and reach any audience by web browser, RSS, or cell phone!
Google Maps javascript API Cookbook by Alper Dincer, Balkan Uraz

2013 | ISBN: 1849698821 | English | 316 Pages | PDF + EPUB | 9 + 22 MB

Over 50 recipes to help you create web maps and GIS web applications using the Google Maps javascript API

WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide By Steve Robinson
2009 | 344 Pages | ISBN: 1847197205 | PDF | 9 MB

Manage and administer your WebSphere application server to create a reliable, secure, and scalable environment for running your applications
Create a reliable, secure, and flexible environment to build and run WebSphere applications efficiently
Learn WebSphere security, performance tuning, and debugging concepts with a variety of real-life examples
Thoroughly covers Java messaging, administrative agent, and product maintenance features
No previous knowledge of WebSphere is expected
Wrox Beginning PHP5, Apache, and MySQL Web Development
Published: 2005-02-04 | ISBN: 0764579665 | PDF | 816 pages | 13 MB

PHP, Apache, and MySQL are the three key open source technologies that form the basis for most active Web servers. This new edition guides you through the entire process of setting up your own site and walks you through every step, from the installation of PHP, Apache, and MySQL to database management, security, and integration with other technologies.
Peter Kent - Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing For Dummies

Published: 2006-02-06 | ISBN: 0471754943 | PDF | 388 pages | 13 MB
Learning Google Guice By Hussain Pithawala

2013 | 132 Pages | ISBN: 1783281898 | EPUB + PDF | 1 MB + 1 MB

Google Guice is an open source software framework for the Java platform released by Google under the Apache License. It provides support for dependency injection using annotations to configure Java objects.
Ann Majchrzak, Elizabeth Fife, Qingfei Min, Francis Pereira - Activating the Tools of Social Media for Innovative Collaboration in the Enterprise

Published: 2013-12-20 | ISBN: 3319032291 | PDF | 32 pages | 3 MB
Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist: Effective Modeling in RDFS and OWL (2nd Edition) by Dean Allemang, James Hendler

English | 2011 | ISBN: 0123859654 | 384 pages | PDF | 3,5 MB

Semantic Web models and technologies provide information in machine-readable languages that enable computers to access the Web more intelligently and perform tasks automatically without the direction of users. These technologies are relatively recent and advancing rapidly, creating a set of unique challenges for those developing applications.
Sean Odom, "SEO For 2010: Search Engine Optimization Secrets" | ISBN: 0557161339 | 2009 | 252 pages | PDF | 25,8 MB
Managing Online Forums: Everything You Need to Know to Create and Run Successful Community Discussion Boards by Patrick O'Keefe

English | 2008 | ISBN: 081440197X | 320 pages | PDF | 2,8 MB

Every day, millions of users log on to their favorite online forums and interact with others to get advice and discuss everything from the latest news and trends to their hobbies to their professions to whatever else strikes their fancy. Administrators have to lead these communities, deal with difficult users, and choose moderators.
3D Future Internet Media By Ahmet Kondoz, Tasos Dagiuklas

2014 | 305 Pages | ISBN: 1461483727 | PDF | 9 MB
Twitter For Dummies by Laura Fitton, Michael Gruen, Leslie Poston

English | 2009-07-07 | ISBN: 0470479914 | 288 pages | PDF | 5,9 MB

Twitter can boost your business and marketing efforts, and this guide shows you how
Twitter, the simple-to-use microblogging service, offers immense benefits for businesses and organizations. Fire departments, political candidates, and C0EOs have used Twitter to share up-to-the-minute information.
Facebook For Dummies, 3 edition by Leah Pearlman, Carolyn Abram

English | 2010 | ISBN: 0470878045 | 360 pages | PDF | 5,3 MB

The perennial bestseller-now updated to cover the latest features of Facebook
Facebook is forever evolving, with the goal of improved user interaction. This new edition catches you up on the latest privacy updates, interface redesign, and other new features and options that keep the site up to date and never leaves you bored.