Super Elf Bowling Collection

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Super Elf Bowling Collection
Super Elf Bowling Collection | PC game | 49 MB

Elf Bowling, Santa Claus gets revenge on his striking elf employees by using them as bowling pins.

Super Elf Bowling Collection

During the game, the elves say phrases such as "Is that all the balls you got, Santa?" when the player misses their first spare opportunity or "Gutter ball!" in a silly-sounding voice when a ball is rolled into the gutter.

Other potential distractions for the user are a deer that walks up along the bowling lane that you can "hit" with your bowling ball if you press the right buttons, a frog wearing a Santa hat hopping back and forth across the player's field of vision (resembling Kalvin Kroaker from frogapult also made by Nstorm) if you hit him with the bowling ball his carcass is hauled away from the screen by one of the birds from frogapult, a white rabbit that also jumps and poops across the bowling lane, the elves mooning Santa (asking "who's your daddy" as they do it).

Both during the game and after a game finishes, the elves do a macarena-like dance, shouting "Elf elf, baby!" in reference to Vanilla Ice's song "Ice Ice Baby". One of the elves randomly moons the bowler (Santa).

The elves can also randomly move out of the way of the ball, and one elf can be decapitated by the pin setter.

There is also a movie entitled "Elf Bowling: The Movie" that came out straight to DVD October 02, 2007.

To date, there have been six additions to the game for PC computers.

Elf Bowling 2 involved using elves as shuffleboard pieces on the deck of a cruise liner where the player could also shoot penguins off an iceberg, risk having your elves eaten by sharks or crushed by a falling Moai (Easter Island monolith). The objective of this game was to score more points than Santa's brother Dingle Kringle, who had "made an unmentionable wager regarding Mrs. Kringle" and who would take over Christmas if Santa lost.

Elf Bowling 3 involved slinging elves in Mrs. Kringle's pink bra onto distant ice-bound targets.

Super Elf Bowling (Elf Bowling 4) was a 3-dimensional upgrade of the original with more complicated ball control and a wider variety of backgrounds, elf antics and elf jokes. You could also play as a variety of characters, including Santa, Dingle, and Mrs. Kringle.

Elf Bowling - Bocce Style (Elf Bowling 5) used the elves as bocce balls.

Elf Bowling 6: Air Biscuits involved bowling the elf over a mound of snow which sends the elf airborne. The elf could remain in the air by using "fart" power.

Elf Bowling 7 1/7 : A small history about bowling at Christmas.

Elf Bowling Hawaiian Vacation : Elf Bowling in exotic places.


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