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Shining Hearts
Shining Hearts - Collection of Vizual Materials
164 | 1235x1670 - 3710x4914 | JPEG | 276 Mb

Max Graham - The Remixes Part 3 (2014)

Max Graham - The Remixes Part 3 (2014)
Uplifting Trance | Rebrand
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 17 September, 2014 | 00:43:46 | 96,4 Mb

Marcio Menescal - Ipanema Lounge, Vol. 1 (2014)

Marcio Menescal - Ipanema Lounge, Vol. 1 (2014)
Lounge | Six Degrees
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2014 | 00:51:15 | 1118 Mb

Heart of Goa (Compiled by Ovnimoon) (2014)

Ovnimoon Records celebrates their auspicious 74th CD release with a very special collection of the most inspiring and emotionally provocative sonic portals ever selected by Hector Ovnimoon under this legendary and prolific sub-label imprint. Heart Of Goa returns to the source of cosmic space seed psychedelic goa techno trance metamorphosis and catapults you deep into a vivid and eclectic garden of fractal wonders! Soak your mind in this pure undiluted crystal matrix of symphonic escapades while your body convulses blissfully to the cosmorgasmic delights. Wave after wave of demented transcendence marches cheerfully out of obscurity and into your lucid dreamtime tunnel as powerful sensations squiggle up your spine and down your pants giving you a psychic squeegee to your 3rd ear. Bend over and Twist upwards as your undulate and pulsate while you modulate your fate to become that which you most desire and hope to achieve realizing that its effortless if you are doing what you love to doE and that's dance baby dance! Feel that trance and take a stance. This is the one you need to stay harmonically tuned from the base of your spine to the top of your Crown Chakra! Ovnimoon is no doubt an artist who will never stop growing and constantly evolving, increasingly improving his selections as well as his own production, sound quality, and believing in what he does.

Heart of Goa (Compiled by Ovnimoon) (2014)
Psy-Trance, Progressive Trance | Ovnimoon Records
Lossless | FLAC | unmixed | 01.06.2014 | 02:37:52 | 1090 Mb

Why Can't I Connect? v1.8.5 Portable
Why Can't I Connect? v1.8.5 Portable | 24.8 Mb

VOX JamVOX v3.0.3 Portable
VOX JamVOX v3.0.3 Portable | 38.5 Mb

Unknown Device Identifier v8.02 Portable
Unknown Device Identifier v8.02 Portable | 3.42 Mb

TuneUp360 v7.0.2.0 Portable
TuneUp360 v7.0.2.0 Portable | 17.8 Mb

Tracktion 5 v5.2.2 Portable
Tracktion 5 v5.2.2 Portable | 9.48 Mb

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