Plug-in Forest Pack Pro 3.3 for 3ds Max

Plug-in Forest Pack Pro 3.3 for 3ds Max
Plug-in Forest Pack Pro 3.3 for 3ds Max | 36 MB

Forest Pack is a plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max, and Autodesk 3ds Max Design, designed to give a complete solution for creation of vast surfaces of trees and plants. Forest enables you to combine billboards, high poly meshes and proxies, and using Mental Ray and VRay native shaders, create scenes with virtually unlimited number of objects and polygons.

Plug-in Forest Pack Pro 3.3 for 3ds Max

1) Forest Pack is optimized for speed. It can create more than 500,000 trees per second at viewport, modify any parameter and rebuild them in real-time.
Render is accelerated using native shaders for Mental Ray and VRay. A typical scene may include 100.000 trees of 1 million of polys each one, and render just in a few minutes.
2) Forest can create automatically clusters of plants, grouping vegetation of same type in a similar way that plants are found in the nature. Futhermore, you can use your own custom map to define what type of element must be planted in each area, using colors as reference.
3) To minimize resource utilization, tree distribution can be restricted to the camera's field of view. This enables the user to create a fly by of a forest of virtually millions of trees, without wasting scene resources on trees that are out outside the edge of the frame.
4) Trees are created from an editable geometry list, combining textured planar objects, custom meshes or proxies in a same forest object.
Billboards have special support, including optimized material shaders and Fake Shadows.
5) Forest Pack Pro includes more than 100 maps of trees and shrubs especially created for use with the plugin.
Forest includes a Library Browser, to select and assign the plants with a single click. The library may be modified by the user, to include new types of geometries, materials and icons.
* Custom Edit mode enables you not only to create automatic distributions, but also add, place or edit trees manually using the Creation Tools.
* Automatic distribution of trees over any surface (irregular terrains, etc.). You can limit the elements in a surface by ranges of altitude and slope.
* Random transformation of position, rotation, scale and... color!. Add more variation to your scene without incrementing the number of materials.
* Animation support, including multiple random samples.


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[#7] jij.singh at 9 December 2010 04:07
dlo works fine in 3ds max 2010 64 bit and render it easily....and easily installed in 3ds max 2011 64bit but couldnt render it in 3ds max 2011 64 bit mental message that couldn't translate forest

[#6] gOsaru84 at 13 October 2010 15:47
i guess it's for 3ds max 2009.

[#5] neoncg at 18 September 2010 23:26
What is License Code?

[#4] arman_arq at 31 August 2010 16:35

[#3] deosrock at 22 August 2010 08:54
-is this compatible with 23dsmax 2011+ vraySP5?

-is this compatible with 3dsmax 2011 with vray SP5?

[#2] perspectivista at 14 August 2010 17:10
muchas gracias, se te agradece este aporte, esta listo el crack para usarse sin problema ?
funciona full en w7 para max 2009 x 64 y max 2011 x64 ? con vray 1.50 SP4a ?

gracias de nuevo

hola el crack no funciona en 3ds max 2009 x64 cuando abres el programa te dice que no existe el archivo foret.dlo el que se sobreescribe en la carpeta plugins dentro del max
podrias subir los pasos a seguir ?

[#1] mpagmahal at 13 August 2010 05:27
the dlo file is not working on max 2010 x86


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