Laubwerks Plants Kits 1/2/3 v1.08 C4D and 3DSMAX WIN

Laubwerk develops easy-to-use 3D plant plugins for architects and CG artists who are looking for a fluent way to insert authentic and detailed 3D plant models into their scenes.
Thea Render v1. for Cinema4D

Jawset TurbulenceFD v1.0 Rev 1291 Retail For Cinema4D x64 | 70 MB

TurbulenceFD's simulation pipeline implements a voxel-based solver based on the incompressible Navier Stokes equations. That means it uses a voxel grid to describe the volumetric clouds of smoke and fire and solves the equations that describe the motion of fluid on that grid. For each voxel TurbulenceFD calculates the velocity of the fluid as well as several channels to describe properties like temperature, smoke density, amount of fuel, etc. This simulation process produces a voxel grid for each frame, which is cached on disk for use by the Volumetric Renderer.
Cinema4dsky - Real Sky Studio 1.11 | 320MB

Real Sky Studio is a collection of 14 seamless HDRI photo panoramas depicting a broad range of natural skies. Real Sky Studio comes with a proprietary ambient lighting system that produces amazingly realistic outdoor lighting inside Cinema 4D
DNS WinGen v1.6 R9.6 to R15 WIN
Greenworks XFrog v5.2 For Cinema 4D R15 140214 x64 | 36 MB
Infinite Ocean 1.34 Cinema R12-R15.57 | 195 MB
Infinite Mountains for Cinema 4D | 50 MB

Cinema4dsky - Real Sky Studio 1.11

Cinema4dsky - Real Sky Studio 1.11
SIZE : 320MB

CGAxis Plants Collection [C4D]
CGAxis Plants Collection [C4D]
c4d | 3D models | 505 MB
HDRI Studio Pack v1.9 For Cinema 4D
Image 2 Plane 2.0 C4D
Plugin | c4d | 162 kb

Image 2 Plane 2.0 C4D
RealFlow RenderKit 2.5 c4d win64
Plugin | c4d | 2.41 MB

The RealFlow RenderKit is a separate tool, designed to assist with the complex task of rendering RealFlow fluids by meshing particles at render time.
Vray For C4D v1.8 Win
Plugin | c4d | 598 MB

V-Ray today is one of highest quality render tools available for production. It is widely used by professional CG artists and visualizations firms worldwide. Its proven, beautiful and super realistic image quality, at unsurpassed render speed, attracts many users from all areas. VRAYforC4D is the Cinema4D native incarnation of this great engine. It enables you to use V-Ray directly within Cinema4D using the typical C4D like workflow. V-Ray is the de-facto standard in architecture & design visualization, car rendering, TV commercials, and many more areas, like in recent Hollywood Movies like 3D Blockbuster AVATAR. Its good, its fast, its stable!
cineCAT 1.0.4 C4D R12,R13 & R14 for MAC n WIN
Plugin | c4d | 17.2 MB

CineCAT offers a full automatic and robust solution for camera tracking inside MAXON CINEMA 4D. CineCAT estimates camera parameters and reconstructs 3D points of the scene from image sequences. The estimated parameters can directly be integrated into the Cinema 4D scene.