Greenworks XFrog v5.3 For Maya 2015 Win64
Maya | Plugins | 58.1 MB

Xfrog 5.3 is a procedural organic 3D modeller that allows you to create and animate 3d trees, flowers, nature based special effects or architectural forms. Xfrog enables even the most casual user with the powerful ability to create and animate organic models. Take the Feature Tour to see what Xfrog 5.3 for Maya can do for you.

[Plugins] Pixelux DMM Maya 2015 v1.1.10 & Maya 2014 v1.1.8

Pixelux DMM Maya 2015 v1.1.10 & Maya 2014 v1.1.8 | 26MB

[Plugins] Peregrinelabs Yeti 1.3.12 Maya 2015 Win64

Peregrinelabs Yeti 1.3.12 Maya 2015 Win64 | 25MB

[Plugins] V-Ray 2.40.02 For Maya 2014 - 2015 x64

V-Ray 2.40.02 For Maya 2014 - 2015 x64

[Plugins] SolidAngle MtoA for Maya (2012-2015)

SolidAngle MtoA for Maya (2012-2015) | 35 MB

[3dMax] Greenworks XFrog v5.3 For Maya 2015 Win64

Greenworks XFrog v5.3 For Maya 2015 Win64
Maya | Plugins | 58.1 MB

Pixelux DMM Plugin For Maya 2014 v1.1.8 – 2015 v1.1.10 Win64

Pixelux DMM Plugin For Maya 2014 v1.1.8 – 2015 v1.1.10 Win64
maya | Plugins | 84 MB
Mainframe MASH v3.0.1 For Maya x64 Win

MASH is a suite of 24 Maya nodes developed in-house at Mainframe aimed at enabling our artists to create versatile motion design' style animations. It offers a selection of effector nodes which can be daisy chained together to generate a wide variety of customisable effects. It's fully controllable from both Maya's Attribute and Node Editors.
Mootools Polygon Cruncher v10.51 x32/64 Win

Polygon Cruncher reduces the number Polygon Cruncher for Autodesk Maya takes place in the Maya graphof polygons of your objects without changing their appearance. You keep all details even at high optimization ratio. You also keep texture information, vertex colors, user defined normals. You protect object borders, material boundaries, UVs seams... You can optimized taking care of the symetry of your objects.
SolidAngle Arnold (MtoA) v1.1.0.4 For Maya

ArnoldRender is the famous photorealistic rendering system "Unbiased Monte Carlo Radiosity," currently used by Sony, Glassworks, Sega, Framestore, Digital Domain, The Mill, Psyop, Ubisoft, Zinkia, Kandor, 737 shaker among others, for advertising, animation series and movies like Monster´s House, Beowulf, Alice in Wonderland, 2012 o Lluvia de albóndigas and more.
Peregrine Labs Yeti v1.3.12 For Maya 2015 x64 Win

Yeti is Peregrine Labs product to produce fur feathers and generating lots of things based around familiar working concepts of a procedural node graph directly within Autodesks Maya.
Rigging a Winged Animal in Maya with Jason Baskin
Software used: Maya | Project Files: Included | Intermediate | Jul 28, 2014 | 875 MB

Learn how to rig an entire bird character from start to finish in Maya. Jason Baskin takes you through the complete process, starting with a virtual skeleton-positioning joints and orienting them so that they behave predictably. You'll add controls so an animator can later keyframe and pose the character, concentrating on the wings and then moving to the feet and back. Then you'll establish the feather behavior, adding controls and attributes that allow the wing to be shaped for flight or rest. Jason even shows how to create squash, stretch, and bend deformations for more cartoonish animation styles. Finally, you'll bind the mesh to the skeleton and take your bird for a test flight.
Mastering Autodesk Maya 2015: Autodesk Official Press
PDF + Project Files | 912 pages | August 2014

Expand your skills with complete Maya mastery
Mastering Autodesk Maya is the ultimate guide to the popular 3D animation software. Author Todd Palamar draws on his extensive professional animation experience to help readers take their Maya skills to the next level. Written for those who already know the basics of this enormous program, the book covers advanced topics and professional techniques for modeling, animation, texturing, and visual effects.
V-Ray v2.40.02 For Maya 2014 - 2015 x64 Win

V-Ray for Maya is one of the latest developments by Chaos Group. Developed to meet the needs of the most demanding VFX & Film studios around the world, the rendering engine delivers uncompromised stability, interactivity, ease of use and unprecedented speed.

Greenworks XFrog v5.3 Maya Plugin

Greenworks XFrog v5.3 Maya Plugin