LastOS7 v2 x64

LastOS7 v2 x64

LastOS7 v2 x64 | 4,3 Gb

This bootable DVD based on modded versions of Windows 7 Ultimate x64, that uses the Live Preinstallation Environment (in much the same way Ubuntu Linux allows live booting from USB/DVD) to install, recover, or repair the PC's Operating System.

LastOS7 v2 x64

Important Tools:
- ssWPI - a Automated installer that allows you to select the application or tweaks you want on your OS, this is available to run from the LivePE to select the apps you want to have installed along side the LastOS 7 installed OS, Just run it from the icon on the desktop, select your applications and press done, run the Installer for x86 or x64 to install the OS and it will install the applications at the end of the OS install.

- Settings - This runs at the end of the OS install to allow fast access to Computer Management tools as well as setting some options for your installed OS, such as being able to move all your Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos and Favorites on to another Drive (so the next time you have to re-install you pick the same drive again and they will all still be there ready to access from your freshly installed OS). It also allows you to enter your name and a PC name, and it lets you choose on which drive or partition you would like to install your ppApps.

- Make Bootable USB Install - This is a portable version of Microsofts USB/DVD Builder Tool that will allow you to make your LastOS 7 ISO in to a USB installable media, or to burn off the ISO to a DVD.

- AutoStart menu - This is included in the root of the DVD/USB install media to allow quick access to the tools above as well as other tools you might need.

- SetupS - An important part of the LastOS experience is to be able to install applications in an easy, sorted, and automated way. "Send To SetupS" will install you applications without requiring you to run the ssWPI to do so. Many new and updated applications can be found on the website; once downloaded you need not even extract them from their (usually .rar) archives -- instead just right-click the archive and choose "Send To SetupS". SetupS has undergone major development by TheFreezerBox in the first half of 2010, and now it has integrated Start Menu sorting options and allows for automatic icon allocation to app folder, and many things more.

- Games Launcher - Not only is the ssWPI able to install your apps and games, it can also be used as a Game Launcher to show you screenshots and descriptions of your games, as well as sorting them into categories; you can just run it, pick a game, and press play/start, and the game will run -- and when you exit the game the Game Launcher will re appear. This make it simple for children to use your PC and keep some order if you have a rather large collection of games.

- Start Menu sorting - Instead of having a huge list of company names with no meaning, or hundreds of shortcuts in one folder to wade through, LastOS 7 allows you to choose a sorting method for your start menu, with a simular category listing to Linux, LastOS 7 will soon feel more organized and easier to find things you need.

- Very Easy To Mod - LastOS 7 is created in such a way that changing how it acts and looks is as simple as changing the content of the ISO/USB, with much of the artwork used simply being a .jpg picture file in with the executable or MyOEM7 folder, Tweaks and AutoExecuted First Logon programs are also in this folder and their appropriate sub folders, also the application you can download or make can be put into the SetupSApps or ppAppsInstalls folder without needing to edit files or run programs to make them availiable from the ssWPI.

- Builder - LastOS 7 is also available as a semi-automated Builder, so if you have the time to learn to operate it you can update, mod, and build your own versions of LastOS 7 without needing to hunt for hours upon hours to get your OS mod to have the same features/tools included.

- Quick Launch Toolbar - Avaialble as an option on the ssWPI menu is the ability to turn the Quick launch Toolbar (next to the Start Menu). This was left out by Microsoft to get people to adopt the Pin to Taskbar option, but it may not be preferable for some to group or gloom Tasks -- pinning them at full size fills up valueable space that can be used to determine which task is which.

- UXTheme Patcher - Not only have we pre-hacked the Themes Services from Microsoft, we've included an automated patcher in the ssWPI, so if something were to disable this you can re-enable it without needing to re-install or search the internet for tools to do so.

- 42 Included Themes
- 188 Wallpapers

Included Apps:
- MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (Microsoft XML Core Services)
- ReOrder Startmenu Alphabetical
- Apply Control Mode (God)
- Apply Default Services
- Apply Safe Services Tweaked
- Apply Highly Tweaked Services
- Apply Last 7 Tweaks
- ppApps Shortcut Creations v3
- ppGames Shortcut Creations v3
- Kels CPL Bonus Pack for Windows 7 v4.0
- Kels Runtimes 5.1
- 27 System Fonts Custom
- 7-Zip 9.15 x64 (beta)
- Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended - Micro
- DirectX 9.0c Runtimes x64 - June 2010
- DirectX 9.0c Runtimes x86 - June 2010
- Quick Launch Toolbar (1 Line Version)
- Firefox v3.6.3 (plus Flash & Shockwave Players up-to-date Apr 2010)
- Hash Tab 3.0
- Java Runtime v1.6.0 update 21
- Java Runtime 6 Update 21 x64
- K-Lite Mega CodeC 6.2.0
- K-Lite CodeC x64 3.7.0
- MSN Live Messenger 2009
- MS Visual C++ 2005 SP1, 2008 SP1, and 2010 Redistributable Packages (x86)
- Nero v10.0.13100 - Micro
- Notepad2 v3.1.21.7 Final (modified)
- Search Everything
- SetupS SendTo Extension v8.10.6.0
- UltraISO Premium Edition v9.3.6.2750
- Universal Theme Patcher x64
- VMWare Workstation v7.1.0 Build 261024 Lite
- WinRAR 3.93 x64 Final
- Driver Magician Lite v3.6.5
- Easy CD-DA Extractor v2010.1.0.0
- My Drive Icon v1.0
- NanDub 1.4d
- Super LL Clean v8.10.6.0
- uTorrent v1.8.5.17091
- VLC Media Player v1.1.0
- Win7 Logon Screen Editor v1.0
- Windows 7 Start Button Changer v2.6
- Easy Recovery 6.20
- Everything v1.2.1.371
- FileZilla v3.3.3
- ImgBurn v2.5.0.0
- Partition Wizard v5.0
- Pdf Viewer Xchange
- Process Explorer 12.04
- Recover Keys
- TeraByte Image
- TreeSizePro



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